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Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel

With over 3,000 songs and exercises, Piano Marvel is the perfect piano practice tool for all ages and ability levels. Learn to read piano music, play your favorite songs and track your progress. Students learn at an unbelievable accelerated pace than traditional method books.

The motivational factor is earning trophies. The lessons are set up with a game-like format that keeps you trying (practicing) to achieve a gold trophy. At the end of every song your score is calculated into a percentage. Earning trophies provides immediate gratification and feedback which sparks motivation and encouragement. 100% earns a gold trophy with a white star and fireworks break out across the screen!

The curriculum includes hundreds of lessons that break piano playing down into fun, learnable segments that don't overwhelm students. Lessons are separated into two categories: method and technique. The method training includes lessons for theory, musical notation and advancing the learning of playing songs. The technique section focuses on different playing styles and teaches you how to play by ear as well as improving your site reading skills.

Benefits of Piano Marvel...

  • Students who practice regularly with Piano Marvel progress 4-8 times faster
  • Students are highly motivated and forward progress is consistent
  • Instant feedback allows students to correct their own note & rhythm mistakes BEFORE lesson
  • Progress tracking (earning of trophies) keeps students working to earn next benchmark

Understanding Historical Connections

Understanding Historical Connections

Music is interwoven with specific events and time periods throughout history. Exploring how music influences history is important to the development of a young musician. Students will learn to connect musical works with the era and historical context that surrounds it.

Teaching the role that music plays in spreading ideas and influencing time periods creates a more in depth learning experience. By understanding the role music has in shaping history, students are able to create more meaningful connections with the pieces they learn.

Senior Recitals

To celebrate the lifework and achievements of the developing of their skills high school seniors will plan and develop their own special recital. They select their own music and create the program recital. The recital is designed to highlight their personal achievements and successes.