How Old is Too Old?

Portrait of happy elderly woman playing the piano at home

Whether you are a returning student or a beginner, age is not a limitation for learning how to play your favorite songs.  In fact, “later in life” may be the perfect season for you to enroll into lessons.  You may be more in control of your time, have fewer distractions, or just feel ready to do something different.


Adult students are not alone. Many enjoy taking group classes with other adults.  Other adults prefer traditional private lessons. Some adults enjoy playing for one another during coffee play-ins. Other adults have even gone “public” by performing their favorite tunes for residents at a memory care center. It’s your personal journey to play what you want and for whom.


I have had the privilege of teaching a jazz enthusiast who was 78 years young. He was an inspiration to many of my younger students and shared his love of jazz. It was amazing how many new skills he incorporated into his playing week after week. He came with a “bucket list” of songs he always wanted to play and we accomplished many of them.


Today there is an abundance of piano methods designed specifically for the adult learner.  Discuss with your teacher which approaches may be best for you. Keep a list of songs you would love to play.  Understand that it is a journey and progress will fluctuate from week to week as your skills develop.


So sit back, take a deep breath, dive in, and enjoy making music!