Adult Students

When you're a music lover, nothing is more fulfilling than sitting down at a piano, engaging your creativity and letting the keys do the talking. The best part? You don't have to be a classically trained pianist to make music! Recreational music-making is fun for everyone, from those who never had an opportunity to take piano lessons to those who regret quitting all those years ago. If you've got time, patience and a piano-acoustic or digital-you're the perfect candidate for recreational music making lessons at Mrs. O's Studio

Think piano playing is all about serious discipline? Think again!

Recreational music making lessons are all about having fun—to get you off on the right foot, the first lesson is complimentary! Mrs. O will take that time to answer your questions, discuss your goals and outline your piano journey. Here are some things to remember before you get started.

  • Create a list of songs you want to play 
  • Dedicate 15 to 20 minutes per day to practicing
  • Embrace your sense of humor and your patience
  • Ready to experience the joy of playing your favorite songs on the piano like a pro? In addition to recreational music making lessons, Mrs. O's Studio offers private piano lessons, summer music programs and keyboard theory lessons.

    Get in touch with Mrs. O's Studio today to start your piano journey.