When you sit down on that piano bench, is your inside voice singing with enthusiasm to play that new song again or do you sit down with guilt-ridden thoughts like ‘I have to practice or Mom is going to be mad’? Before you play the very first note, your mindset will determine if your practice will be successful or just putting in the time.  Every time you play the piano, you have the choice to make progress and create music or just play “through” your lesson.  How can your practice be more efficient, effective, energizing and exciting?  It’s all about your mindset. Do you say:  This song is too hard; I’m never going to be able to play it. Or do you say:  This is the hardest song I have ever tried to learn.  I can’t wait to get started! Do you have the mindset that believes hard work, time and effort will get results or do you grumble about having to work hard?  “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Unknown. Try this mindset before you begin practicing: I can do hard things; I am a problem-solver; I enjoy tackling new and difficult things with zest! Do you believe that this way of thinking will result in great progress on that new song today? How can you tell that you are practicing with a positive mindset?  Does your practice time just fly by or are you counting the seconds to get off the bench?  When you are engaged in the creative process of making music, you are not aware of time.  You are focused on the beauty of sound and melodies. At each practice session, make a deal with yourself that you will…

  • Work hard
  • Tackle new challenges
  • Laugh at mistakes 
  • Take time to cheer at your success!