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For over 35 years Mrs O's Studio has helped over 2,000 students reach their musical dreams. If you have you always dreamed of learning how to play the piano, it's never too late to make that dream come true. At Mrs. O's Studio, she can help you bring your talent to life by enrolling in lessons, programs or summer courses. And you can always expect the latest in technology and resources when you book a lesson with Mrs. O. From children to adults she can help realize the musical potential within. Click on Keys to Success and learn more or call today at 303-503-7751

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When you decide to explore music at Mrs. O's Studio, you will embark on a journey through the three pillars she's built her programs around: keyboard and music composition, recreational music making, and technology-driven lessons. By customizing these three pillars to meet the musical needs of her students, she can help you become more accomplished no matter what skill level you are at when you start.